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Luke Bracey Talks Point Break Remake


As you are probably aware, they are remaking Manly classic Point Break.  Apparently, “The script is very different from the original, according to Johnson the only thing being carried over is the nature of the character dynamic between Utah and Bodhi and their relationship… The narrative of the movie is different. While we do have surfing in the film, it is only a subset of the extreme sports that we deal with, including free-climbing, motocross, wing-suiting and so forth.”

Prospective star Luke Bracey has also now been talking about this flick, here is what he has to say:

I am the biggest fan in the world of the original and I’ve seen it a thousand times.  So the pressure mainly came from myself in terms of, “Alright you love this movie so much, so go out and do it justice.”  Yeah, there’s been a lot of love for it.  Luckily, I’ve only really heard positive things and people are really excited.  I think it’s a good time to bring this movie back to life.  It’s got such a cult following, not just in America, but all around the world.  It’s a huge movie.  Me and my friends in Australia know the lines by heart, basically every line in the movie I can quote.  So for me it was daunting for sure, but if they’re going to remake it I felt that I wanted to be the one to do it, because I love it so much and I wanted to do it justice, and I wanted to leave what the original was and leave it as it is, and then just update it and bring it to 2015.  To me it’s been a tremendous experience.  It’s been very hard work .I’m in every scene, I’m at work every day and it’s long and arduous, and very physical and very emotional actually.  So it’s been a great challenge, but I’m the kind of guy that really enjoys a challenge.  And also fear is a fantastic motivator for me.  I’ll tell you I’ve never worked so hard on anything in my life.  Hopefully people enjoy it.  We think we’re making a movie with a lot of truth in it and a bit more than just an action movie.  So at the end of the day I hope people enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed the experience.

The film, which Gerard Butler dropped out of, will also be converted in 3D, not shot in 3D due to the cameras being utilised having to be on the small side – being attached to bodies and what not, to give an ‘edgy’ feel.