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Seagal In Death Wish-Style Thriller


If you’ve ever seen Death Wish 3 then you’ll know how Manly (and hilarious) that movie is.  I think we could possibly have something similar on the cards for Sensei Seagal.  Although probably not.

One of Mr. Seagal’s next movies is Code Of Honor.  A movie in which Mr. Seagal will play a man who returns from the service abroad and starts slaying pissants and assorted trash (criminals) on the streets of his hometown.  Manly.  Some details are below.  I’m getting the feeling this could be so bad, it could be hilariously good.

GENRE: Action

DIRECTOR: Michael Winnick (Guns, Girls & Gambling)

PRODUCERS: Ryan Noto, Elias Axume

CAST: Steven Seagal

SYNOPSIS: A former Colonel in the Special Forces returns home from the Middle East and becomes a vigilante, murdering criminals and the corrupt, while one of his fellow soldiers is intent on stopping him.

STATUS: Pre-production