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Poll: Predators Vs. Predator 2



We haven’t done a poll here in a while, so I got to thinking back to some old debates that I’d seen on discussion forums when Predators came out.  Debates on whether or not it was superior to Predator 2.  Now there’s no doubt that it’s not even in the same league was Predator, but some people – even Robert Rodriguez it seems – seemed to prefer it back then to Predator 2.  I really can’t fathom that.  But I’m wondering if it’s still the case.

Do you think Predators is superior to Predator 2?  And was Robert Rodriguez right when he said he wanted to discard all of the ‘poor sequels’ and make Predators the true heir to McTiernan’s masterpiece?  Personally, I think Predator 2 is lightyears ahead of Predators.  I did get around to reviewing the thing eventually and gave it a solid 9/10.

C’mon, it’s a no contest, right?