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Stallone Biopic, EX4 Filming In Budapest?


What’s next for Sylvester Stallone?  Well according to his mother, his next three movies are going to be Rambo V, a biopic of his own life and The Expendables 4 respectively.

“Sylvester is doing the story of his life, his own biog(raphy). He’s got Rambo V to film and he’ll be going to Budapest to begin the Expendables 4 – so he’s filming his biopic in between.”

Budapest, eh?  I guess they learned nothing about filming on the cheap and the arrogance still runs amok – assuming his mother is telling accurate information.  It’s not exactly random though.  There’s nothing wrong with Budapest – Ridley Scott is filming there with his next movie.  But that’s Ridley Scott, in a movie involving Mars.

I’m not sure about that biopic idea either…