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Mark Dacascos Joins ‘Ultimate Justice’


It’s been a while since we’ve had any updates on reknowned action man Mark Dacascos.  Time to make way for another action movie in his lineup, alsmot in what sounds like an Expendables-style story.  ImpactOnline reports that:

Now Dacascos makes a full-blooded return to all-out action in Ultimate Justice, the second feature from Silent Partners. The film pays homage to the classic ‘Men on a Mission’ movies, when an elite hit team is forced to reassemble when tragedy strikes one of their own.

Joining Mark on the movie are a number of familiar faces both in front and behind the camera including, Matthias Hues – the memorable villain of such projects as Dark Angel, No Retreat No Surrender 2: Raging Thunder and Mission of Justice with Jeff Wincott, Matthis Landweher from Action Concepts’ Lasko and Kampfansage, as well as One Million Klicks star Mike Moeller who returns to the Silent Partners fold as both one of the leads and as fight choreographer.

Mike Leeder comes in for the project as producer, straight from Jean Claude Van Damme’s upcoming Pound of Flesh.  So hopefully Dacascos gets another good blast with this one.