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Van Damme As Napoleon?


Is Jean Claude Van Damme set to appear in an epic historical movie on the life of Napoleon?  That is what will supposedly happen according to a new report from Clint Morris.

Top B-movie directing talent Albert Pyun (‘Nemesis’, ‘Cyborg’, ‘Kickboxer 2′) is developing what could be his final movie in ‘Napoleon’.

The 61 year old Hawaiian, who unfortunately suffers from MS, has completed his script about the historic French military leader and Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte and hopes he can lure his ‘Cyborg’ star Jean Claude Van Damme to take the lead role. Leading France into battles including the Napoleonic Wars and Peninsular War, he was defeated, after his exile to an Italian island, in the Battle of Waterloo.

At present, it’s unknown the type of budget Pyun is aiming for, but it’s well known he is a master of squeezing every last cent out of what he has available to him and his team and making his films look fifty times as much as what he originally had. It’d be a great move for Van Damme, who could certainly pull off such a role and for Pyun, if it is to be his last movie, the modern day Ed Wood, will go out in style.

Of course this isn’t the first time that Van Damme will have played Napoleon, assuming this ever happens (doubtful).  He appeared in a Russian 3D production in 2011 of the same name.