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New Director For London Has Fallen


London Has Fallen, sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, was due to begin shooting in Bulgaria six weeks from now.  Fredrik Bond was in talks to direct.  Now Fredrik Bond has signed off and and confirmed will he will not direct.  In his place comes Babak Najafi, a Swedish director.

Najafi previously directed… well, nothing you’ve probably heard of.  Easy Money II: Hard To Kill, anyone?

Since it’s Millenium putting this thing together, I hope they have not sought this man purposely for his lack of credentials as opposed to what he has done.  Mind you, despite some sites pegging him down as the actual director, he’s still technically in talks.  So here is another director not actually confirmed.  But we get closer to the hour…

The story follows the three main characters to London as they attend the funeral of the British prime minister. The trio is suddenly caught in the middle of plot to kill all the world leaders. The project will shoot for a month in London and then break until February so that Butler can shoot “Geostorm.”

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