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The Equalizer Pummels Box Office


I haven’t gotten around to catching this movie yet, so apologies for the late review.  I hear some trendy leftist critics are being sour about the amount of violence.  Good.  However as expected, it has performed very well at the box office, taking the top position with $35 million in its opening weekend. That’s pretty close to the entire Expendables 3 domestic gross of $39 million, well, close enough anyway.  Here’s the performance numbers.

1. The Equalizer: $35,000,000$35

2. The Maze Runner: $17,500,000$58

3. The Boxtrolls: $17,250,000$17.2

4. This Is Where I Leave You: $7,010,000$22.5

5 Dolphin Tale:  2$4,835,000$33.6

With this performance it’s safe to put in an early bet that another two movies will follow this.  That’s because Sony were so impressed by the test screening reactions, they laid the groundwork for a trilogy.  So The Equalizer 2 should be Denzel Washington’s first sequel.  Good news for R-rated manly movies.  September isn’t an easy month either…

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