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New Stills From “The Drop”


The Drop is going to be James Gandolfini’s last movie appearance.  A gangster thriller co-starring Tom Hardy (damn that guy is busy).  Hardy headlines the movie as an ex-con named Bob Saginowski who is trying to live out a quiet life away from crime as a bartender. When his bar is hit by a gang of robbers, he sees his life and those of his cousin Marv (Gandolfini) and partner Nadia (Rapace) thrown into chaos.

Below are new stills from the movie, released next week.  I thought that this movie needed more exposure, so here’s a heads up — The Drop hits theatres in North America September 12th and most international areas in November.

A while back John Malkovich said that these types of movies are growing increasingly rare and are being eaten up by the safety and giant commercialism of Marvel movies.  So I for one am going to appreciate this and maybe even put up my first review for the site for this one.