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Stallone On Expendables 4: “It’d Be Hard R”


The furore over cutting down The Expendables 3 to PG-13 size must have had an effect on leading star Sylvester Stallone.  While the odds of a fourth movie have gone down due the poor performance of the third movie, if a fourth is made it will be “hardcore R”.

Speaking about the potential fourth movie in the video below, Sylvester Stallone says: “If I do another one it’s going to be a lot bloodier…hardcore R.”

You can also hear Stallone vent on how “we got ripped off”.  Is Stallone being a man and admitting his movie sucked?  Well that would be the first step to making amends, alongside a R-rated Rambo: Last Blood and maybe the original R-rated cut of The Expendables 3 on Blu-Ray.

Check out Stallone speak: