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Bautista Cast As Bond Henchman


Back in the summer, word came that Sam Mendes’ “Bond 24” was looking to cast an “iconic henchman”.  Now, Latino-Review reports that role has been filled by none other than former wrestler Dave Bautista.

“Whoever wins the role,” reported MI-6 in the initial rumor, “will have several altercations with Daniel Craig’s 007 throughout the film and also a driving sequence. Former sports athletes will be under consideration along with anyone ‘very unusual’… The goal is to find the next Jaws or Oddjob – a henchman so different to anything that has gone before that they will become instantly iconic in the film series.”

It seems that Bautista has really broke free from that DTV phase and moved into the big leagues now.  With this, Guardians of the Galaxy and don’t forget a big role as Tong Po in the “Kickboxer” remake.  Kudos to the Bond team for bringing back the henchman, it seemed like they almst thought the idea too unrealistic.

Source: [Latino Review]