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Milius Directing Conan 3? Not Likely


It’s not news anymore that Arnold will return for Conan 3, AKA The Legend of Conan.  The movie is set to film spring 2015 for a tentative summer 2016 release.  The director is not yet known but according to another website, Apocalypse Now director Francis Ford Coppola has said recently that John Milius, director of the original movie, might just be a possibility.

“John Milius is doing really well, Coppola assures TheArnoldFans. “Of course he had a stroke but he’s regained some of his speech. But what’s wonderful about him now is a real goodness exudes. He used to play games talking about his convictions and talk about his love of guns but that was all in his way of entertaining. He’s a very, very sweet person and that comes out now. He’s getting better. He’s young so he’s going to get better.”

When asked if whether or not Milius hds recovered enough to step back into the Conan directing chair, Coppola remarked:

“Sure. Oh yeah, without a doubt.”

However, while some time ago the director of Milius (2013) and personal friend of John’s told us in an exclusive interview that he was fighting fit, this weekend he informs us that on the prospect of John directing Conan 3:

Not a chance, unfortunately.
The prospect of heading to Spain again to direct a movie of this scope is no small feat so while it would be nice, the fact that he isn’t doesn’t surprise me.