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Chuck Norris Making ‘The Finisher’


“Ya thought wrong”… the words of Vernon Wells, to those who thought Norris was done.

I’ve heard that Norris was filming a new movie for a while now, but now comes some more news on it.  Norris has said that the movie was supposed to go ahead three years or so ago but was delayed due to an illness with his wife.  Now, he says he’s ready to go on the movie.

“My next film, The Finisher. This is my next challenge. It’s a movie that I want to do for at least three years, but had personal problems at home with my wife who was sick for a few years. I was concentrating on being with my wife, to aid recovery, now it is 90% better and she encouraged me to make the film. We hope to get it in March in Savannah Georgia. I am very excited to start, this is my next challenge. ”

Chuck’s last movie was ‘The Cutter’ in 2005, haven’t seen it (is it any good?) so I cannot really comment.  Here’s a video of Norris working out for The Expendables 2, I can barely believe how in shape he looks here, “he’s like a piece of iron”.  If Norris comes back in an ultra violent movie, the roof might just blow off the place.  Let’s hope his PG-13 nonsense doesn’t interfere.

Thanks to: Sergei