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Report: Taken 3 Fight Scenes ‘Incomprehensible’


I corresponded with someone who has seen Taken 3 recently, over Christmas.  Very brief.  Apparently a major problem with the film exists with the action, in particular the fight scenes.  My friend in Berlin had this to say;

It’s alright but I do not think you will like it.  The action is going to give quite a few people some headaches and the beating up scenes in particular are incomprehensible.  The editing is truly crappy and maybe the director was doing lines when going for a rough cut?

No word on shaking cam yet, but I wouldn’t put it past the director, Olivier Megaton, to have saturated the whole thing with wild and frustrating camera work, such an annoyance usually ‘compliments’ the ‘art’ of editing a movie like a dog ripping up the newspaper.  I don’t think anyone should be surprised at this.

Pierre Morel directed the original.  That had a better mix of violent filming, he has directed the upcoming ‘Gunman’ starring Sean Penn.

Taken 3 is released next Friday.