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Dolph Lundgren To Join Coens Movie

Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Lundgren is always a busy man it seems.  He has quite a few movies on the horizon, two this year which I am optimistic might be quite fair despite having low and lowish budgets (War Pigs and Skin Trade).  Now another odd addition to his resume has been added, as he’ll appear in an upcoming Coen Brothers movie.

His official website posted the following:

After recently playing a French captain of the Foreign Legion in the upcoming World War II picture WAR PIGS, and doing a cameo in the new Coen brothers project HAIL, CAESAR, Dolph is currently navigating the dark waters of Mississippi for the thrillerSHARK LAKE. He will then move on to another ass-kicking role alongside Scott Adkins inFOUR TOWERS. More to come…

Skin Trade by the way will see a May 8th United States release date.  One thing is for sure, Lundgren put quite a bit of effort into it, as opposed to those streak of movies that were used to pay off divorce fees.  So it could actually turn out to be worth watching.