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Choppers & UAVs On London Has Fallen Set

The sequel to Olympus Has Fallen continues to film this week.  ‘London Has Fallen’ is in its second phase of filming right now.  Earlier scenes were filmed in Bulgaria last year.  UAVs will be put to use for difficult and ambitious camera shots with a helicopter also shown on site.

The story picks up in London, at the funeral of the British Prime Minister where the world’s leaders have gathered.

However, the gathering becomes the deadly target of terrorists looking to kill all those in attendance with just Eckhart’s President Benjamin Asher, his formidable Secret Service head Mike Banning (Butler), and a British MI-6 agent to save the day.

Fredrik Bond was set to direct the action-packed sequel relocated in London but he left the project reportedly due to creative differences.  Baba Najafi took his place.  Release date?  October 2nd.  Check out these pics…