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McQuarrie Gives New Mission: Impossible 5 Details


Information about the fifth “Mission: Impossible” has been hard to come by¬†during the film’s production. Today the film’s director Christopher McQuarrie took to social media to answer some fan questions about the film and in the process confirmed some key things.

First up the official first trailer, poster and title reveal are set to drop very soon. Promotional photos of the cast will also be released very shortly, maybe even this coming week.

He reconfirmed that they didn’t reshoot the ending as had been reported, rather taking time out to prep the film’s ending which is currently shooting right now. He adds “we are constantly rewriting and have been since day one. Not unusual.”

He finally cleared up one lingering question – they tried to get Paula Patton and Maggie Q back, but both were unavailable due to scheduling. Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames get expanded roles, Simon Pegg gets more action scenes, and Sean Harris serves as the main villain.

Asked if the new release date has changed anything, he says: “we’re always in a hurry. Now we’re in a big f’in hurry”. Tone wise he says the film was aiming to be along the lines of ‘Ghost Protocol’, but “Mission has a life of its own and goes where it wants”. He does confirm though there’s an “old-school vibe” to the film along with honoring of the original TV series.

This movie hits cinemas July 31st.