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Looks Like John McTiernan’s Career Is On Ice


It’s been around a year since I’ve heard from a rep I was speaking to from Hannibal Classics, the production company that was slated to help John McTiernan return to the movie industry to produce two new movies (Red Squad and Warbirds).  That was shortly before a proposed April 2014 start date for Red Squad.  And the silence since seems to pretty much confirm that things aren’t working out.

In an interview with a French outlet last week, McTiernan, when asked about Warbirds and John Travolta, seemed to speak of that project in past tense.

“He was attached to the role. The problem was Hannibal Pictures. When they found out that it was with John [Travolta] … In short, we will do one of these days. But it will take time before these people are off the project.”

The source also claims that there is legal trouble between McT and Hannibal Classics, which kinda explains the line going dead between ManlyMovie and their reps.  They don’t want to talk about what could be something that could be dead.  McTiernan also tells the source that he’s not too impressed with today’s action features, saying that they’re mostly too repetitive.  I can buy that, and who would know better than John McTiernan?

Maybe some good news though.  He says he’s working on an alternative WW2 flick, where the Japanese won the war.  I am working on a project that fascinates me. It’s about Yamamoto. This is not an action movie, there 5 battle scenes. It is an alternative version of history in which Admiral Yamamoto won the Second World War”  Sounds interesting, but I’m starting to worry about one of our favourite legends in general.

He should be up there dominating the box office with Jim Cameron and George Miller.  Damnit…