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WWE Studios Releasing “The Interrogator” & “Marine 4”


WWE Studios is releasing two new movies which could basically be described as existing within the “manly” category.  The first is sequel “The Marine 4: Moving Target”.  This is an upcoming American action film directed by William Kaufman, and starring Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and Summer Rae. I have no idea who these people are but the film will be released direct-to-DVD and Blu-ray in April 2015.

Second, Adam “Edge” Copeland will be starring in the upcoming WWE Studios film “Interrogation”. WWE Studios will produce the film with Lionsgate. Lana will also have a role in the film. WWE bought the screenplay back in 2002, and it is described as follows…

“With a bomb set to go off in Las Vegas on one of the busiest betting days of the year, the story focuses on a brilliant interrogator called in to question the prime suspect. As time runs out, we soon learn there’s an even bigger plan in place for both of them.”

I do remember that guy, he was around when wrestling was pretty popular, one of the tables guys.  Funny thing about these movies is that most of them are “R” rated despite being WWE developed movies.