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Dirk Benedict Shits On Feminized TV


Many of us are moving away from movies these days, back to TV.  You know, because of rom-coms and the indefatigable onslaught of comic-book garbage.  Manly Man Dirk Benedict does not share this optimisim for television land though, denouncing it as feminized crap.

“The feminization of TV is complete”, muses Lt. Peck.  “It’s written for women, written by women and produced by women”.  Benedict also says that men only talk on TV how women would like them to talk: “Guys talk how women would like them to talk (on TV)”.

Benedict also claims that The A-Team was the “last truly masculine TV” show.  I dunno, even though they never killed anyone, he may have a point.  I mean, at least two seasons of The Walking Dead have been geared entirely towards the female demographic, with men talking how women would want them to talk during a zombie apocalypse etc.

Check out Dirk lay down the law in this video.  Save us, Dirk!