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Schwarzenegger Pushing Stallone To Make Expendables 4


Some say The Expendables 3 bombed at the box office.  Somewhat true — it actually came out swinging in the grand scheme of things.  So even though a TV serial is next, maybe there’ll be another movie.  Arnold Schwarzenegger as it happens, wants just that.

“I just think it’s a terrific franchise. I told Sly to write another one or have someone else write another one. A really terrific story. Because I think it’s a great idea to have an ensemble piece with that many action heroes in a movie. Especially if the comedy is really done well. It could be a great story. There’s definitely room for another one.”

There is room for another one but there is no fucking room for the “comedy”.  Maybe a spin off movie with Schwarzenegger’s “Trench”, featuring some of his old buddies from movies of his past.  But two things are needed here, go easy on bloating a cast, then focusing squarely on Statham and Stallone and to ditch the comedy.

Walter Hill directing The Expendables 4.  There’s a guy who could cool down the cheese factor.

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