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First Poster For Tremors 5: Bloodline

tremors5Below is, allegedly, the first poster for the upcoming beast feature Tremors 5: Bloodline.  I say allegedly because it looks pretty bad, so I’ll admit right here that this could be a fanmade poster.  But it could also be real, considering who is making this movie (think Jarhead 2: Field of Fire).

Yeah, there were three other sequels, really. It’ll star original survivor Michael Gross, playing Esai Morales. I guess this could be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. It’s Tremors, but it’s a remake and is being made by Don Michael Paul. Last year, Clint Morris from MovieHole gave an update on this:

The new film, currently casting for a September kick-off in South Africa (where quite a few of Universal’s recent direct-to-DVD sequels have been shot), is about as much a do-over as “Tron Legacy” or “Star Wars Episode VII”. In other words, it totally bows to the graboid of the original, and that includes paying respect to those who’ve previously done battle with the ‘mother hoppers’. So though there’s a couple of new, over-keen young cats in the film (with all their whiz-bang modern-day – didn’t have that in 1990 stuff – contraptions) there’s one big stout link to the original films – and that’s Burt Gummer (or ‘The Gummer’ as he’s nicknamed in this). And as if we’d want it any other way, Michael Gross is back to reprise the role of the heavily-armed monster-buster.

Don Michael Paul… for the unaware, is a director whose most recent movie has been, as mentioned, Jarhead 2: Field Of Fire. So either this will be a small movie or a big break for Don Michael Paul. I am guessing not the latter. This movie will be released on DVD/Blu-Ray this October.