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A 30 Minute Interview With Lundgren (Skin Trade)

Here is a 30 minute interview with Dolph Lundgren as he discusses Skin Trade, which is officially released this tomorrow.  Lundgren discusses life, career and of course his pet project, the movie itself.

“Did you know that Dolph Lundgren was a chemical engineer before he became famous as Drago in Rocky V? Well, he was. And 30 years later, he is still grunting and smashing through most of his films. He developed Skin Trade, which he co-wrote and co-produced (for real, not vanity credits), after reading about human trafficking in the newspaper. Who is Dolph Lundgren? Perhaps not who you would expect. He discusses his latest film and a life on screen with David Poland.”

Incidentally you can check out PvtCaboose’s review of the movie by clicking here.  All of us here at the site recommend the movie.  Get ’em, Dolph!

Thanks to: Anoyster