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Eddie Murphy ‘Loves’ Triplets Idea

Eddie Murphy may have given the thumbs down to Beverly Hills Cop IV, but According to Arnold Schwarzenegger Murphy ‘loves’ the premise for Triplets, sequel to 1988 laugher Twins.

“I know Eddie and we’ve talked about it,” the actor said about Triplets, a sequel to the 1988 comedy Twins. “He’s fantastic. The thing is, it’s all about, ‘How much do you love the project?’ Danny loved the idea, Eddie loves the idea, so they’re going to be 100 percent behind it and 100 percent in their roles. Eddie will be very funny.”

In January though, screenwriter Josh Gad said for a Reddit AMA:

The script is actually done. Everybody agrees that it’s great. We wound up doing two drafts. Universal, I think, hit the pause button temporarily for whatever reason – internally I think they are trying to figure out if they want to do a sequel or not.

The big gun for this movie is Arnold Schwarzenegger.  So I’m sure they’re waiting for now ’till after Terminator: Genisys is released to see how things go.  I think it could work though (Triplets), Murphy and Schwarzenegger would have amazing chemistry – fact.

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