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EXCLUSIVE: Uwe Boll Interview

uwebolinterviewSome of the ballsiest and more underrated films of recent times have been filmed by German director Uwe Boll.  A case in point is a favourite of mine, Assault on Wall St, where a man armed with an assault rifle (Dominic Purcell) heads on down to Wall St to create a stack of bodies, after his life is destroyed by the corrupt system.  Uwe Boll doesn’t give a fuck about mainstream acceptance, just so long as he makes a movie with a punch.  Everyone else, including Michael Bay, can go to hell.  This week, we interview the man himself…

ManlyMovie:  What’s up with Rampage 3?  The first two were quite underrated.

Uwe Boll: After I did Rampage 1 I didnt have the feeling it needed a Rampage 2.  But then years later I felt it would be interesting to see what happened to Bill Williamson… after Rampage 2 then I felt right away I need to finish the story and need to do Rampage 3.  The bad thing is that the DVD market is dying and VOD doesnt pay so good and so we have trouble financing part 3 – where he will finally go to DC.  

Rampage 1 is better than Rampage 2 but Rampage 2 is more important. We had more money for part 1 and so the action was bigger – but with part 2 we were able to show and say what is wrong with the world we are living in. I have to say I feel like the last generation who will die of old age – because to much shit is happening like climate change, revolutions,  terror, corruption, wars and pure capitalism (where the rich get richer and the poor poorer), what will all together escalate and turn the world upside down.

MM:  How close are you to getting it (Rampage 3) up and running?

UB:  I think Rampage 2 was not only a movie but it was also an important message… if we dont CHANGE…  we will die.   I’m very close to the subject matter because I’m a very political person.  Everything what Bill says is my opinion (incl. the stuff about Yoga).  We dont do the obvious to make the planet better – the politics are about micromanaging instead of a clear correction of all the bullshit.  TESLA proved that electro cars are working – so we need to build electro cars instead of fuel driven cars and because the Arctic and Greenland and the South Pole are melting and we need to trasnform GM, Ford etc. into electro car makers PER ORDER within 1 year. 
We need to stop private prisons and corruption – we need to let at least 50% of the prisoners out and stop charging people for possesion.  We need to stop the NSA from taping all the phone calls, all emails etc. and we need to cut defense spending by 50% or more and put that money in education and health and socal care and so forth.

MM:  Bill Williamson seemed to stray further into anti-hero territory in the second movie.  In the third, will he follow that trajectory?

UB:  Of course the story will not end with an happy ending.  But as we know it will end always different, as we are guessing…

MM: Are movies these days too politically correct?  Are most of them propaganda even?

UB:  Marvel comic book movies, Transformers etc. are indirectly propaganda movies for the industrial military complex.   It’s always the Americans who are correct amd heros …..there are some bad apples but overall the USA is the land of the free.  but in reality the actions of America in the world are mostly criminal and wrong.  How can John Kerry give Putin shit about invading the Crimea? That is a joke … the USA invaded countries non-stop without any grounds… only propaganda.

MM:  What do you think about film critics?  I mean these days they seem to give big movies that are shit good reviews, but smaller movies like Rampage, with balls, a critical beating…

UB:  The BIG movie critics are all integrated in media companies ——pure corruption ——they are scared to write bad about big movies because they dont want to bite the hand that feeds them.


Rampage 3 is on the horizon

MM:  On critics corruption, trust me we know all about that.  Our site was rejected from RottenTomatoes despite drawing ten and sometimes 100 times the traffic of some of their contributors.  What is your opinion on some of these ‘metric’ sites?

UB:  Rotten Tomatoes hates me… a lot of in between reviews they voted as BAD REVIEWS, to get me a low rating ——  they are like filmstarts in Germany, Boll haters.

MM:  At the end of Asault on Wall St (which I fucking loved) the cop lets our hero (Dominic Purcell) walk free.  Is there a chance we might get a sequel to that movie?

UB:  dominic and I would love to do it —— but without enough money movies like this will never happen again.   Right now a movie with B actors cannot cost more than one million. Or you loose money.

MM:  The film (Assault on Wall St) was very edgy and bold.  Did you meet resistance in getting it made because of its political message?

UB:  Yes…tons of A list actors  passed because they ae pussies and didn’t wanted to piss off  Wall Street.

MM:  Were you really going to fight Michael Bay?  And were you surprised he didn’t want to combat you?

UB:  I think Bay is a very high end tech producer but at the same time I think Transformers is a retarded embarrassment.  I can only imagine how idiotic the actors feel speaking those idiotic lines.  I talked to Shia Laboeuf about it at a breakfast in Berlin and he said he hated Bay.  He threatened to sue me… but of course would never fight me.  The problem is with actors and Hollywood people in regards to fighting is: they never got punched for real from their trainers.

MM:  Finally, beyond Rampage 3, what’s next on your agenda.  Any long term plans?

UB:  It could be that Rampage 3 will be my final movie ——TV and STUDIO movies are left.  I will not make cheaper and cheaper movies.  Then, I better stop.

Editor’s Note:  Rampage 3 is currently running a Kickstarter campaign.  If you’d like to see the movie come through, you can donate here and see a video message from Brendan Fletcher.