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John Woo Talks Next Movie – “Manhunt”


Manly man John Woo is set to direct the upcoming action thriller “Manhunt” at Media Asia Films.  Actually it’s set to be a remake, but who cares, it’s John Woo, who we like to call the action surgeon.

Based on a novel by Japanese writer Juko Nishimura, the story follows a prosecutor framed for robbery and rape who sets out on a one-man mission to clear his name.  Today, Mr. Woo has spoken of his project.

“It’s exciting because it’s nice to get back to the action! Actually, there’s a lot more besides the action; it’s a very romantic human story. But I get tired of making big-budget movies. I think about going back to the old times, when it wasn’t so much about money but about working with a wonderful, smaller crew to make a real movie. The more money we have, the more we lose creative freedom. There’s always so much pressure. It’s too much for me.”

Sounds like John Woo is going to make a John Woo movie.  Excited?

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