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Lundgren Set For Horror Flick “Don’t Kill It”


Boy is Dolph Lundgren busy or what.  Just yesterday I posted an article saying that I could barely keep up with the movies that this guy is pumping out.  And now news comes of another.  Director Mike Mendez recently posted a pic of himself having lunch with Dolph Lundgren. Mendez was mum on the details of ‘why’ back then but Variety is reporting that Lundgren will star in Mendez’s new horror flick Don’t Kill It.

Lundgren’s demon hunter will team with a reluctant FBI agent to battle an ancient evil unleashed in a small Alaskan town, leaving a trail of death and destruction as it passes from host to host.
Sales will be launched at Cannes and production is supposed to begin in July.  So on the horizon Lundgren has a war movie, shark movie, horror movie and to be frank, who knows what else.  Good time if you’re a Lundgren fanatic however…

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