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Check Out Terminator: Genisys’ Target Audience


The Facebook page for Terminator: Genisys has uploaded a new picture featuring some of the fans awaiting a screening in Brazil that is about to take place.  I guess one picture says it all.  This is Paramount and their investor partners’ target audience.

Take a famous property (Terminator), use the fact that it’s famous and follow the Iron Man model to try and spin a few bucks.  They have surely calculated that regardless of what the screenplay looked like, or even if there was one at all, the former formula alone would still spin a profit.

And to think that some ‘fans’ are actively pushing this disgraceful pissing on the name of a once great 80’s action franchise.

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Young Terminator Genisys fans enthusiastically await a special screening of the film in Rio de Janeiro.

Posted by Terminator Genisys on Tuesday, June 2, 2015