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Fargo Season 2… Expect A Mob War


With the second season currently in production for “Fargo” (great first season by the way), producer Warren Littlefield has revealed to Empire Magazine that the new batch of ten episodes will deal with a clash between Midwestern crime syndicates in 1979: “The second season is really is about the corporatisation of America. It’s the difference between a mom and pop family business and a Walmart.

A mob war in Kansas city and in the middle, we have a couple, Ed and Peggy Blomquist, and they get caught in the middle of a war between these two crime factions.”

Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons play the Blomquists, the Sioux Falls couple already at odds. She’s a woman with big-city dreams, he’s a butcher’s assistant isn’t sure how to support her new-found desire. Into the mix comes two warring and violent crime dynasties, one lead by Jean Smart’s crime family matriarch Floyd Gerhardt.

Also in there is the cops with Patrick Wilson as Lou Solverson, a clean-cut Minnesota state patrolman four years back from Vietnam, and Ted Danson as Hank Larsson, the sheriff of Rock County and Lou’s father-in-law. Nick Offerman plays small town lawyer and Korean War vet Karl Weathers, while Brad Garrett, Kieran Culkin, Jeffrey Donovan and Bokeem Woodbine also star in the second season which is slated for a late 2015 airing.

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