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‘Genisys’ Director Talks Marvel Style Humour

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You’ll notice a lighter tone when (if) you eventually catch Terminator: Genisys, and that theme is encouraged with the use of humour, often in vein of the stuff we seen in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (think ‘talk to duh hend’, only worse).

Director Alan Taylor says there is value to this.  Speaking with UpRoxx, he says this kind of film can’t take itself too seriously.

Alan Taylor: Yeah, it flips the timeline and enjoys it, and assumes the audience is sophisticated enough in the sort of storytelling hijinks to go along with that ride. And I think the humor is absolutely critical. It’s a trick that Marvel is really good at; to take something seriously, then make fun of it, then take it seriously again.

Gonna have to disagree with you there, Alan, and disagree with you seriously.  That Terminator from the original movie?  Ask the cops what they thought about its standup routine, when it blasted half of them to hell in their own HQ.  But I don’t blame Taylor, the man is clearly a yes-man hired for the job.  Kind of like John Moore, only less talented.  E.g. the studios goes, here is what we want you to do, now do it or get off our set.

If this is what they’re planning with the TV series, then someone really needs to put them straight.