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Terry Crews Talks Potential Expendables 4 Cast

If you watch the video above, you can hear Terry Crews (AKA TMoney) speak his thoughts on The Expendables 4 and its potential cast.

Crews also speaks the planned death of his character in The Expendables 3.  In reality, Crews really did not want to have that character killed off and lobbied hard for the gunshot given by Mel Gibson to be only a wound.

As regards to The Expendables 4, I think bridges have been burned between certain elements and the fanbase.  Not just Sylvester Stallone, who to his credit admitted that the wrong direction was taken and has since said The Expendables 4 will be ‘Hard R’.  I remember Terry Crews pretty much getting into a flame war with fans, going so far as to sign up to the IMDb to tell us that we should be grateful that we were getting movies at all.

In short, it’s going to take more than PR talk this time around.