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TOP FIVE: John McTiernan Movies

4) The 13th Warrior (1999)

Even butchered John McTiernan movies are great, like this one, released in 1999. McTiernan’s movie was originally titled Eaters of the Dead, like the novel it was adapted from. He got to work on it after Die Hard with a Vengeance. Perhaps only half the movie is ‘McTiernan’, extensive re-shoots were done by Michael Crichton because he was ‘unhappy’ with John’s version. So out there lurks McTiernan’s original cut, a darker and less viewer friendly movie. One change is Queen Weilew, who is played by Diane Venora. Venora was a good looking woman in her 40s during the shoot. But McTiernan’s Queen Weilew was an old wicked hag in her 70s – and she wasn’t slayed by poison – Buliwyf beheads her violently. Even still, as half a McTiernan movie the theatrical release is still great and makes me badly want Mel’s Berserker to get rolling.

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