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TOP FIVE: John McTiernan Movies

1) Predator (1987)

Deciding on which is the best McTiernan movie ever between Die Hard and Predator is not an easy thing to do. But by a whisker I think Predator edges it. Predator is probably the Manliest Movie of all time and is distinctly a John McTiernan movie – beautiful with killer pacing but also jam packed with small acts of genius that make it the movie it is. Listen to his commentary to find out what. Every one of Arnold’s team had also served in the military in real life, save for Carl Weathers’ agent man, fittingly. Imagine if they tried to make this movie today, few would have the balls to try and make a serious movie about a bipedal spaceling reptoid tearing out skulls in the jungle. They wouldn’t because they don’t have the skill, like Christopher Nolan couldn’t do it with Batman. But McTiernan is God-tier. No sweat. In fact, I feel like watching Predator right now. Again.

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