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TOP FIVE: John McTiernan Movies

3) The Hunt for Red October (1990)
This was John McTiernan’s follow up to Predator and Die Hard. I mean, what a fucking resume. Coming in right at the end of the Cold War, it’s the (damned near) perfect combination: Clancy, McTiernan, Connery and the death of the USSR. Has anyone made a sonar ping reverberate as well as John McTiernan? Has anyone done the nerves-of-steel Captain thing better than Connery? This is a film that can easily be watched despite having read the book or already knowing how it ends. Though the first viewing is easily the best: Will he, won’t he? This is actually the best Tom Clancy movie adaption. This was also from a time before CGI, a full scale mockup (!) of an actual Typhoon-Class sub (largest ever built) was constructed. I don’t think we’ll see that again. More tea, anyone?

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