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Five Underrated Thrillers To Consider: Part I

Narrow Margin (1990)

The question of good movie recommendations always floats around, particularly for lesser known and underrated movies.  So we are going to start throwing up underrated manly movies at five at a time.  Let us begin in no particular order with Narrow Margin (1990).

You could put Gene Hackman in a TV gardening show and it would be manly.  Easygoing yet authoritative, the guy brings an everyman quality to his roles.  And here he’s working with Peter Hyams, an old Van Damme regular who gave us TimeCop and Sudden Death.  This is basically Hackman vs the mob within the confines of a train, though don’t mistake it for some type of Die Hard clone.  It’s a slow burner that likes to occasionally ram through some passable action sequences.  All said, it’s pretty lean and suits both Hyams and Hackman.

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