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Genisys Director Admits Movie Makes No Sense

If you found yourself confused by the timeline ball of rubber bands in Terminator: Genisys, you’re probably not the only one.  The movie has no less than seven timelines.  On set, director Alan Taylor kept a master diagram of the film’s multiple timelines but discovered that different department heads had their own diagrams sketched out—with incorrect details.

Nevermind though, who cares, is what Taylor effectively says:

“Arnold has one of the most unpronounceable, impenetrable expositional lines in the movie when he says, ‘It’s possible to remember two time frames when you enter the quantum field during a nexus moment,’ and nobody has any idea what he’s talking about,” said Taylor. “But yes, it makes sense. We don’t expect anybody to get it—then Kyle turns to Sarah and says, ‘Can you make him stop talking like that?’ It’s a way to say, you don’t really have to get this. If you want to nerd out, it’s all there, I think it’s coherent. But hopefully we can move on.”

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