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Minions Pummels Terminator At UK Box Office


The Terminator franchise was laid at its roots and foundations as an ‘R’ rated property, aimed at the adult demographic and even horror fan.  So what does it say when they attempt to downgrade it towards the children and family demographic, and it gets pummeled by another family movie which had already been released?

In a significant film market, the United Kingdom, The Minions film made £6.23m in its second weekend in cinemas, comfortably besting the £3.79m Terminator: Genisys made in its first four days on release.

So in effect its pointless to spay a movie like tha in an attempt to draw in more money.  The demographic you’re aiming at just don’t care.  When families go to the cinema, the parents will go with the kids’ decision.  They may secretly hope that little Jimmy wants to see the Grandpa Terminator, but in reality not only does he not care, he has not even heard of it.

It’s basically a corporate gamble more than it is greed.  As in, after week one, adults will think the movie sucks regardless of how violent it is, so it’s better to maximize chances of profit by selling it to everyone.  Some people paying for the movie on the first week is better than none paying for it on its second week, and the first two weeks are paramount.