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What About Furious 8?

furious8posterAfter the huge success of Furious 7 I do not think anyone would be surprised to learn that Universal plan to move forward with an eighth movie.  Or maybe even a spin off as well.

Producer Neal H. Moritz has spoken to Screen Rant about the future of the “Fast and the Furious” franchise and how those involved intend to approach “Furious 8” in the wake of the loss of Paul Walker:

“We’re trying to do what we always do, which is try to come at it from a character point of view and figure out where the characters would go from here. I think the thing that’s made The Fast and the Furious special is obviously we have incredible action and so on.

But the thing that people really relate to the most is the characters. We’re lucky that we have a lot of great characters. Unfortunately, we don’t have Paul anymore. His character… has moved on. But we feel like there’s a lot still to be mined. That’s where we’re starting. We’re really talking about the characters, where they all sit right now. It’s a huge challenge.”

Kind of a generic response there because the current “A-Team” slant has little gas left in the tank.  They ought to mix things up for the next movie, but I guess money says “why bother”.

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