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Paul Feig Shows What A Class Act He Is

femaleghostbustersIt’s fair to say that not everyone is happy with the Ghosbusters reboot.  The all female reboot has drawn negative attention for being politically cynical and looking, well, a bit shit.  Further heat came when the cast showed up at a children’s sick hospital to pull off a crude damage control publicity stunt.

Now, director Paul Feig has been calling fans ‘asses’ on Twitter, and telling them to ‘go fuck themselves’ if they aren’t on board for this movie and that they need to just ‘let it happen’ because it’s time we ’embrace the new generation’.

Is this how a director should be responding on Twitter to what is set to be a family movie, a lighthearted affair?  By calling people drunken asses if they voice their opinion?  Ironically, Feig has the gall to hashtag the word ‘freedom’ in there.  You gotta wonder, who is trolling who here?

Minor publicity stirring?