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Poll: Tommy Gunn Vs. Mason Dixon

gunnvsdixonYears ago I once asked this question on a Sylvester Stallone forum, who would win between Tommy Gunn and Mason Dixon, the two fighters from the bum end of the Rocky universe food chain.  I underestimated just how stupid rabid fanboys can get when, nearly to a man, all of them ranted and raved about how Gunn betrayed Rocky, therefore he would lose.  A facepalm moment for sure.

I’m going to ask the question again here, hypothetically, who would win in the ring, Mason ‘The Line’ Dixon or Tommy ‘The Machine’ Gunn.  We’ve all seen the Drago versus Lang questions, but this one is asked less often.

Rocky V is probably the least popular Rocky movie and Tommy Gunn is probably the least popular Rocky villain, if that makes sense.  But I’m going to give this to Tommy Gunn.  Yes, Dixon defeats Rocky, but by that time Balboa is 16 years past retirement and still manages to go the distance.

People will correctly point out that Rocky defeats Gunn.  But they also forget that Gunn shows up to the final fight having just come out of a championship bout, face already busted up.  Gunn’s power and hard right are too much for Dixon.