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Russian Pilot Rescue Could Make Great Movie

su24Yesterday it was hard to avoid the news that Turkey shot down a Russian multi-role fighter jet over Syria while the latter was attacking oil logistics belonging to Turkey’s allies, ISIS (oh yeah, they’re best buds it seems), ‘stabbing them in the back’ as President Putin put it.

Both pilots of the SU-24 ejected before the plane was destroyed.  As one pilot descended, he was shot by savage cannibals.  The other pilot managed to avoid gunfire and make it to the ground, however his fate was uncertain.  Had he been caught, I think we all know what would’ve happened.

Soon after both jihadist lunatics and Spetsnaz commandos were on the hunt for the stricken airman, the good news arrived this morning that the Spetsnaz got to him first.  He is now alive and well.  But he wasn’t rescued before even more drama, with the rescue chopper being destroyed by a TOW anti-tank missile as it rested on the side of a mountain.

The entire operation lasted 12 hours and the pilot’s rescuers are now going to be afforded state honours.  I’m sure that guy is going to sleep long and easy tonight.  But more importantly, wouldn’t this have the makings of a great manly movie?

Sort of like this movie…