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Statham Shows Up In Mobile Game ‘Sniper X’

stathamsniperxApparently every week a celebrity gets a new mobile game, with the latest being Jason Statham as he appears in ‘Sniper X’.  Basically an app/game time burner with the man’s likeness printed on it.

‘As the one and only Sniper X, you’ll team up with action star Jason Statham to become the free world’s ultimate weapon against the forces of chaos and terror! As part of the Statham’s elite paramilitary team SPEAR, you’ll work side by side to dismantle terrorists and rogue states that conventional forces can’t touch.’

Sniper X plays like most other mobile sniper games, you’ll swipe to aim and tap to shoot.  That said, this one’s a bit more manly than the usual ones, and that’s a good thing if you dig a bit of blood and some foul language – it’s Jason Statham after all. There appears to be plenty of missions to take on as well along with the usual dose of IAP’s and unlockables.

The game comes from Glu Games Inc.