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Bruce Lee Biopic Birth Of The Dragon Gets Poster

bruceleewongjackmanAn upcoming movie to keep an eye on will be Birth of the Dragon, a biopic of Bruce Lee’s affairs.  More specifically, it will cover the real life fight between Lee and Wong Jack Man.  CityonFire presents the first poster to this movie;

‘Rising Hong Kong star, Philip Ng (Wild City, Sifu vs Vampire,Zombie Fight Club), will portray Bruce Lee. Additional casting includes Yu Xia (Dragon Squad) as Wong Jack-Man, Billy Magnussen as Steve McKee, and Jinging Qu (Journey Through China), who’ll be playing Steve’s love interest. Ron Yuan (Blood and Bone) and King Lau (Kick Ass 2) are also attached. The legendary Corey Yuen (Kiss of the Dragon,No Retreat, No Surrender II) will be handling the fight choreography.’

The fight should be interesting.  Lee’s camp claimed a victory, Wong Jack Man’s camp did the same.  To be honest, WJM’s account sounds more convincing.  But who knows.


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