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Nic Cage Must Hand Back Dinosaur Skull

What do you do after appearing in Michael Bay and John Woo movies, starring opposite John Travolta and Sean Connery?  Obviously, you buy a T-Rex skull with the untold millions they have given you.  That’s what Nicolas Cage did.  Isn’t that what anyone would do?

For the dinosaur head, Nicolas Cage paid $275,000.  But now a lawsuit has been filed and Cage must forfeit the skull to a New York attorney for repatriation back to Mongolia.

It must have been nice while it lasted.  To make things all the sweeter, Cage had an auction showdown with Leonardo DiCaprio, who was defeated by Cage in the bidding process.  Whether DiCaprio was there to see Cage’s victory salute, or even if either were there at all, cannot be verified.

For what it’s worse, Cage did not know that the skull had been stolen.  Or so they say.