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First Look At Arnold Schwarzenegger In ‘478’

Arnold Schwarzenegger is busy making his latest movie, the thriller 478 is filming now in Columbus, USA.  It will be a short shoot for a small movie, but nonetheless with the recent misfires it could be the best effort of his since The Last Stand, which I didn’t was as bad as people said.  So below is the first unofficial look at Schwarzenegger in the movie.

In 478, Schwarzenegger plays a man whose wife and child die in a plane crash. The tragedy was caused by an air traffic controller’s screw-up. The air traffic controller is vilified for his mistake and placed into protective custody. Schwarzenegger cannot let it go, and is determined to seek vengeance.

Determined to seek revenge.  Alright!  That sounds more like it, no more girlie-man movies (T5) or fucking tie business (Governator).  Thanks to ‘French Predator’ for solely and exclusively finding this information.