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Check Out This Suicide Squad Trailer

Although someone updated me on this yesterday, I forgot to post it.  Just remember that the site is not a source of of what I would call ‘income’ and basically a hobby thing on the side. So some things get missed and for those who missed it too, here is the new trailer for Suicide Squad.

Obviously we’re not against every comic book movie, it’s just the cooler, manlier types are much fewer.

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad looked darker than your average kitsch crap, even though it’s PG-13 (who cares?  Batman was).  We can forgive a comic book movie for having a PG-13 rating as opposed to something like The Expendables or Terminator going down the same route.  Totally different ballgames.

By the way, Margot Robbie.  ‘Nuff said, I mean… Christ.