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Rare Footage From Seagal’s Garden

Recently, some new footage emerged of the great Sensei Seagal.  In the video, Chief Seagal is teaching black belt students.  The footage was recorded in Seagal’s garden.

The student who uploaded the video had this to say;

NEVER before seen video of steven seagal holding black belt testing in his backyard of his home in LA. This video gives you a real good idea what it was like to take a black belt test given by seagal. This is completely different from what the tree huggers do when it comes to testing. The funny thing is the aikido yoga people talk shit and won’t except the TenShin aikido form. I can tell you this not one of those aikikai fuckers could handle taking a test from Seagal or even Matsuoka or Reynosa.

Fuckers indeed!  And now for the footage.