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How ManlyMovie Used To Look


Here is what used to look like, back in the day, when it was first opened as a blog.  The blog was inspired by the old ‘Platoon’, a group of manly trolls frequenting the IMDb Expendables board.  I hope some of them are still around and maybe even reading this site.

The idea behind the blog was to cover movies for grown ass men who were sick of the girlie man shit stoking Hollywood and movie entertainment.  The type of movie that you watch at 3am, slightly wasted from a failed night of hunting slash.

Naturally, in that sreenshot, I was covering something featuring Dennis Hopper.  I remember watching that movie with someone at 3am or something, totally fucked up on whiskey and God knows what else, and yet I knew I loved it and could tell what was happening.

The blog looked crude, ugly.  It was later improved by ‘Dirty Haraldo Callahan’, more skilled in the art of graphics design.  Anyway, traffic has gone up 50-fold from the time of that screenshot, although the opportunities, set visits and such have not.  But like I give a fuck, I’d close this shit down immediately if I had to sit kissing ass…