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Top Five: Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

5) Conan The Barbarian

What are the best Arnold Schwarzenegger movies?  It’s a harder breakdown than you’d think.  But I think it’s safe to say all of his better stuff came out earlier in his career.

We’re starting here with Conan the Barbarian.  Already you’re going to have some people in uproar that Conan isn’t in the top three or even number one, but this is a hard list to compile and if anything gets on it at all, it’s an honour.  See I look at this old sword and sandals movie and have a ball, get steeped in its lore and charisma.  The violence is just a bonus, but with the likes of Game of Thrones I become bored very quickly with the relentless exposition.  No, this movie is of the days of high adventure.

Conan is what started it all for Arnold.  I wonder if it’s what will round out his career.  It would be a good choice, right?

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