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It’s Predator Vs. Marvel In 2018

Yes folks, the word is out.  February 2018 is up for grabs.  Shane Black’s ‘The Predator’ will go face to face with the 457th Marvel movie, Black Panther.  For the past 15 years, Marvel has been pumping out generic leotard movies at a rate of one every three months without reprieve.

But in 2018, the psycho vigilante killer returns to continue his diet for box office murder.

The forecast:  Marvel movies strung up, the skins torn off.  The hearts torn from the cadavers. More bodies!  More mutilation!

It’s going to be like Dante’s Hell in here, smoke, heat, box office ruin, as the psycho vigilante killer once again transforms the box office into a slaughter house!  Stan Lee, the price of leotard CGI, found in an alley just around the corner with his head cut off, and his spinal column torn from the body.

The final update for the February 2018 scoreboard: One good manly movie dominating, five assorted trash dead in the water…